RDT Engineering are our in-house design team

RDT Engineering are head-quartered in Brisbane and are the leading providers of upgrades and enhancements to resource recovery facilities across Australia and New Zealand. They have a record of innovation, recently winning the ‘Change Maker Award for Innovation,’ for the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) designs in partnership with Containers Exchange (COEX). They also service a wide range of external clients.

Since 2004, RDT Engineering has delivered over 70 turnkey projects in the waste and recycling industry for a range of local and regional councils and commercial clients. They provide a full range of services spanning from feasibility studies and engineering analysis through to turnkey projects for STET, C&D facilities, and C&I facilities.

RDT specialises in adapting leading international recycling equipment and services to suit local Australian and New Zealand installations.

Re.Group Services

Re.Group is actively delivering resource recovery services from mixed waste and source-separated recycling streams. We aim to provide clarity and efficiency with our communication and approach.

Our wide range of services allow us to provide an integrated approach where necessary and incorporate best practice equipment and systems sourced from leading international providers with a proven track record.