is the only Australian company that designs, builds, owns and operates recycling systems.

Re.Group operates one of the largest network of recycling facilities across Australia. Founded in 2013, Re.Group has rapidly expanded to deepen the impact of our recycling work around Australia and New Zealand. We now provide kerbside recycling services for more than 4 million people across over 35 local government areas.

Re.Group Operations

Our Company

Our rapidly growing team of specialists have worked across project development, financing, commissioning and operations in regional and metropolitan Australia and New Zealand. At the heart of Re.Group is our focus on positive community impact. We collaborate with charities, private organisations and the Government to benefit local communities.

Re.Group is the parent company of multiple entity groups. This includes Re.Cycle Material Recovery Facilities, Re.Grow FOGO Processing, Return-It Container Deposit Schemes and Re.Collect Container Collection. These groups allow us to focus on each client or customer issue and provide specific and tailored solutions.

One of our unique differentiators is our internal engineering team, Recycling & Design Technologies (RDT) Engineering. Also an Australian company,  RDT’s engineering capabilities enhance Re.Group’s capacity to deliver, maintain and optimise high quality resource recovery infrastructure.

Our Vision

We are committed to investing in the future of recycling. Our expansion to plastics and glass beneficiation gives us even better capacity to keep recovered materials at their highest and best use for as long as possible.

Our Mission

Re.Group’s mission is to design, build, operate and optimise infrastructure that enables the maximum amount of waste to be diverted from disposal and positively re-used as a renewable resource.