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To find out more about Re.Group and our projects, please contact us using the form on this page or by email at info@re‑ If you have any complaints please reach out via our email or through the contact us form.

Our corporate head office is located in North Sydney.

Re.Group Pty Limited (ACN 616 439 779)
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    Why choose Re.Group?

    Re.Group are a proven leader in what we do, because our entire focus is on recycling. We are not a logistics company that occasionally strays into processing as a way to support future collections tenders; we are not distracted by ‘more important’ aspects of our core business. We are an integrated team of specialist engineers and recycling facility operators, and the only Australian company that designs, builds, owns and operates recycling facilities.

    What does Re.Group do differently?

    Re.Group take a fresh and innovative approach to recycling and resource recovery operations. We are the only Australian company that designs, builds, owns and operates material recovery facilities and systems. This allows us to provide customers and partners with a complete end-to-end service that is tailored to their unique needs.

    How clean does my recycling need to be?

    A quick rinse goes a long way. Packaging and materials deposited in your yellow bin should be free from food and leftover liquid or grease. This helps to reduce contamination levels at our material recovery facilities. It also reduces odour contamination for our dedicated facility workers.

    What should I do to recycle bottle tops?

    It depends on the packaging. Bottle tops can cause contamination of packaging with a combination of material types, for e.g. paper cartons with plastic lids. In this case, lids should be removed in order to improve the efficiency and end product at the recycling site. Most plastic bottles with plastic lids can be recycled as a complete product, most efficiently through our Return-It sites.

    Why are plastic bags so bad for your recycling bin?

    Plastic bags and lots of packaging is made from 'soft plastics' which can not be recycled at a material recovery facility. The best way to check whether a plastic is 'soft' is if you can scrunch it in your hand. It is best to place commingled recyclables directly in your yellow bin rather than in a plastic bag to reduce contamination.

    How does recycling work in the circular economy?

    The circular economy approach focuses on eliminating waste from the design stage all the way through the cycle. According to circular economy principles, products should be designed with a method to repurpose it that reduces the impact on the environment. The recycling stage of waste management focuses on recovering materials into products that can be used once again. Re.Group's material recovery facilities and food and garden organics composting sites utilise advanced technology to recover resources. This aligns with circular economy principles to minimise waste.