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Re.Group is an Australian development and management company focused on providing high quality services for the recovery and recycling of resources from waste.
We are a highly credentialed team across project development, financing, commissioning and operations, with over 30 years combined experience in the alternative waste treatment and resource recovery industries.

Our Services


Re.Group is an Australian owned company, focused on providing high quality services for recycling and recovery of resources from waste. While our business platform spans a variety of focus areas, the core activity of our business is helping clients achieve their resource recovery goals while providing a compelling value proposition.


Re.Cycle is the division of Re.Group that owns and operates Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) which process kerbside recyclables from the ‘yellow bin,’ as well as commercial recyclables.


Re.Cover is the division of Re.Group that is involved in Advanced Waste Treatment (AWT), which involves recovering resources from mixed waste collected in the household ‘red bin’.


Re.Grow is the division of Re.Group that develops and operates high quality organics processing facilities, which compost food and garden organics that are collected from the household ‘green bin’ as well as commercial organics.


Re.Fuel is developing Australian markets for alternative fuels, such as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), which can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and also provide resource recovery opportunities for new material. For example, Re.Group is working with EnergyAustralia to jointly develop the Mt Piper Energy Recovery project.

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Return-It provides a modern and convenient way to collect containers eligible under Container Deposit Schemes and accurately pay back refund amounts.

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RDT Engineering

Engineering Recycling Design & Technologies (RDT) is a specialist engineering company that assists waste companies and councils around the world to design, build and maintain their own Recycling Centres.

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Our Values


We like solving problems, being challenged, continual learning, embracing innovation and we’re always curious. Decisions are based on the long term and a balance between people, planet and profit.


We have energy and enthusiasm. When we have made our decisions, we deliver on our promises quickly and effectively. Managers are empowered to make decisions to ensure our promises to clients are always met.


We acknowledge the complexity of sustainable business and the need for equilibrium between people, the planet and profit. This means creating meaningful employment opportunities and continuously seeking to reduce environmental impacts whilst providing a return to investors.


We get enjoyment from our work and achievements by delivering high quality service and outcomes for our clients and the community.


We adopt a partnership approach with our stakeholders. As individuals and as a company, we are reliable, transparent and trustworthy. We respect the same in each other and our partners.