Marc Churchin

CEO - Return-It

Marc joined the Return-It team as CEO in 2021. He has over 16 years of senior leadership experience in the resource recovery industry. Marc focuses on collaborating with Industry partners and key stakeholders to drive dynamic growth in the evolving Container Deposit Sector.

Marc has over 16 years of Senior Management experience in the Waste, Recycling, Water, Energy & Sustainability sectors. He is a passionate leader of people and a great believer that by harnessing the power of a truly diverse collective, exceptional outcomes are guaranteed.

Marc is driven by the values of improving our living environment. He has a proven track record of delivering meaningful outcomes for customers and communities alike through innovative sustainability and circular economy strategies.

Having held Senior Executive roles across a range of companies and jurisdictions, Marc has sat on numerous boards and held diverse Directorships.

Possessing both hard operational and complex management experience leadership skills, Marc consistently collaborates with Re.Group stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.