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Return-It with battery bins!

July 19, 2022

Battery bin located at Mitchell Return-It Depot in Canberra.

One way that the Re.Group 's Return-It team shows our commitment to the circular economy approach and recycling, is by working to increase the recovery of all valuable materials. That is why we have partnered with Ecobatt to introduce battery recycling units at our ACT Return-It Depots.

Return-It customers can deposit their batteries in the battery bin, like pictured, to safely recycle them and prevent them from going to a landfill.

Batteries deposited incorrectly in commingled recycling bins can pose a huge risk to the safety of our community and workers. Most batteries contain an electrolyte substance which means improper storage in the home, incorrect depositing in recycling bins, and disposal in landfills can create a very real fire risk.

The impact of the potential landfill, collection vehicle, or material recovery facility fires, negatively impact lives with not only the obvious harm that may be caused but the release of dioxins and other toxins into the atmosphere.

Return-It, as a partner of the Battery Stewardship Council, provides collection points for used batteries, an important step in the battery recycling journey, and just another way Re.Group and Return-It are applying the value of 'Safety First'.