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Re.Group helps our clients educate their communities

April 3, 2023

Re.Group ran a client site tour at our Dandenong MRF and Glass Beneficiation Plant last week. We covered a range of topics from what recyclable materials are accepted, and how to prevent contamination, to our range of end products, including glass cullet.

Thank you to Recycling Victoria, Cardinia Shire Council, Knox City Council and Glen Eira City Council for their participation and questions.

A key issue came up regarding batteries, which are one of the key contamination concerns at many MRFs. Batteries deposited incorrectly in household recycling bins can pose a huge risk to the safety of our community and workers.

The impact of potential landfill, collection vehicle, or material recovery facility fires due to incorrectly disposed batteries negatively impacts very real lives.

One way Re.Group is helping to combat this is by introducing battery bins at our Return-It Depots. However, much more work and collaboration is needed to get batteries out of household collection systems and into safe and appropriate management channels.